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On 7th June, I went to a 5linx meeting in NY Rochester. The guy there was PSVP Andre Maronian.

He was telling me how I can earn 50k in my first 30 days. He guaranteed me that I would be making at least 100k per month within the next 6 months. The people and the company seemed credible. So I paid my $500 start up fee.

However, the next day when I was looking at my credit card, I was charged over $3000 from "5linx- TPN PSVP Andre Maronian". I contacted Andre and he told me that he needed the money and that he will pay me back. I said that was a complete lie and I contacted 5linx. The company simply said I shouldn't have signed the form, now they are going to charge me over $50 per month for admin fees for the next 24 months.

HIS A SCAMMER!!!!!!! Do not trust 5linx and Andre Maronian!!

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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funny thing is your numbers don't add up

Brooklyn, New York, United States #1205660

I would of got in touch with my bank or credit card company stop the payments,also I would of have this *** arrested,or take him to small claims court to get my money back.


As they say, a fool and his money...

Maryland, United States #875664

Documentation beats conversation! When you have a company that is helping change lives all over the country you really have to question small minded statements like this.

5Linx is Rochester Top 100, Its Inc 500/5000 8 yrs in a row, they have partnered with many of your fortune 500 companies, and continue to lead in every industry that is needed; Telecom, Energy, Wellness.

I love this company. Take this opportunity serious, and ot could change you and your family's life for ever.

to Mr D #958207

ACN is a better scam than 5lynx.

to Mr D Bowie, Maryland, United States #1009221

How much is your residual income per month pal.. We all know that the Velocity Tablet was a bust.

We also know that going to the International Events, is about the Ço. inking more Reps.

for services who wants Points??? Paying 3 to 400 hundred dollars a month to run your business for a 19dollar residual income check doesn't make a lot of sense to me....Let Keep It Real


why would andre borrow 2500 from when he is a psvp he sopposed to have millions right

to skeptic #1171242

*** is, as *** does

to skeptic #1443533

He definitely does not have millions, lives in a 150,000.00 home! You cant believe everything he tells you! LOL

San Diego, California, United States #693086


signed you up for $500 but added $2500 on top for personal use? is that what happened?

Forgive me but that sounds completely ridiculous.

Why didn't you call the police if you were told one thing and charged another. Or are they claiming that you knew and didn't bother to read the fine print?

Los Angeles, California, United States #615050

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to Look into the right company! Granby, Connecticut, United States #617281

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To Amzedbyitall....I know this is like 2 years ago ,however please do your research before posting because first NO ONE should be asking you for your credit card info...you should be going to their website and ordering your services yourself. Secondly you dont change your carrier you simply see if you can be saved money and third if they were any type of friends to you, you should have at least supported them...shame on you for being so selfish!!

And as far as them steadily paying things off maybe they just be came Reps I mean Jeez people nothing happens over night and no matter what type of work you do EVERYONE has to start from some where. Furthermore, any one with a business mind knows your must always reinvest in your business!!!


I first want to say it is so sad that so many people want to make other people stoop to their level because they are/were to lazy to do anything about their current position!! It doesnt matter if I am a Rep or not, what matters is that anyone with a brain should realize that any kind of business takes hard work,dedication and you MUST fail your way to the top...even if you own a Subway your first 5 yrs in business you wont see a thing in return because there is way to much over head but people just want and need something to complain about and someone else to blame besides themselves ...Just because you didnt see any money in a certain amount of time doesnt mean the business does not work what it means is that YOU DIDNT WORK!!!!!! Clearly MLM is not for you so just stay away from it and admit that you made a mistake either in joining or not following the system and move on!!!!

to Really intrigued Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #678708

Very well said.


This guy seems to jump from one mlm to another looking for his dream. He is now with Invado selling innocent people a dream for 499.00 per body. open in canada and US soon to europe. Is it a scam or a pyramid? you tell me

consumer signs for free, business signs for free, referdia deals with the business not the rep. rep does not even know the deal.

so how does the rep make money? for for the first 9 months in Canada

the rep made money by recruiting bodies at 499.99 per head. did not matter you couldn't read or write or you had no education . all that counts is you have 499.00

they claim to have a product called energy. Yes 99% of people signed up for referdia not energy. this is a lost leader. to confuse anyone looking at it.

now they have referdia open after a lot of pressure and it is a total mess. just go look at it. read the rules and procedures and the terms and conditions of sale.

Then invite anyone to join you don't want as a friend or you feel is an enemy.

That way you won't lose friends.

This is only my opinion based on what I know from dealing with this company.

I would advise anyone going to Invado /referdia to show the contract to a lawyer or else simply give these *** 499.00 and walk away while they laugh.

to dare to be great #642948

Everything is a Pyramid..... take a look at every business you know its setup like a pyramid....

wow! come on people you have to work hard to make the money.....SVP HERE!!!!!!

to me Amherst, Virginia, United States #740693

No. Everything is not a pyramid!!!!

A legal business does not have to stoop so low! I work and am self employed. That is no pyramid. My daughter and son are teachers.

Who is getting scammed there, except maybe them since they don't get paid enough for the *** they have to put up with these days.

to Anonymous #824822

No really, everything is a pyramid setup. Take teachers for example, 1 principal, a few administrative staff, several teachers.

Take corporate America, 1 CEO, president, vice president, 2-3 assistant vice presidents, upper management, middle management, lower management, white collar, blue collar, each rung of the pyramid smaller and smaller as you move up, everything is a pyramid in some form or fashion, church: 1 pastor, several deacons, more ushers.

It"s everywhere, but that doesnt mean it's bad, mlm, 5linx uss what works but instead reverses the order, we help others realize their own dreams instead of just seeing our own success, it'd be like the president of the United states coming to you personally to help you be a better president of your organization. In short, EVERYTHING is a pyramid

5linx LLBD, Norfolk, VA market

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