As most of you guys I was brought in by a family member,once in I had spent close to $500.00 buy products that I really had no use for but I bought them only because I trying to obtain my next position.

Long story short once I contacted the CSR to inquire about my new position / ATM card I was told to keep selling cause I still didnt have any funds due. At that time I ask the CSR if my family member was making any money and she noted that she had only made a few dollars but my family member made it sound like she was rolling in the cash.

Lucky for me I contacted the CSR before my initial 10 days was up and was able to receive all of my funds back.

This company is so bad that it will make your own family lie to you.

I'm sure there are some good stories but if you are bringing new people into this company just be upfront and honest about what to expect.

Another thing, 5LINX's products are not offered at a rate that anyone outside of the company would want to buy and some products are just useless.

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This post if freaking retarded. 10 days in the business really.

You dont even get your first check at a j.o.b that fast. It sounds like you wanted this to be a get rich quick scheme and was disappointed when you found out you have to work. And I think we all can see your the lier here.shame on you for blaming you complete failure on anyone other than your lazy self.

Get outta here with this dummy how do you expect to start a business and get a return in 10 days especially without doing nothing. Just go get a job cause you clearly still have that just over broke state of mind and are to old to be taught new tricks to any trade.


Sounds like the liar is you... 5linx doesnt Disclose how much money someone else makes.

I DONT BELIEVE YOU. Just Keep It Real Your Not Made To Stand 5linx Strong..


Lol while everyone is saying it's a scam . I'm SVP ..

got my BMW & Making tons of $$$$$$ ..It's all mindset .. Work hard enough and you will get there ...

to Anonymous #1170280

"Im SVP"...got his bicycle manpowered workout (BMW) going, with him holding the shift key down and pressing "4" multiple times, and has the mindset of a 5LINX monkey. You're not laughing out loud- you're broke.

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #1026465

Its sad that out of desperation your own family member did not be truthful to you, but do not try and say that it was 5Linx. Did you complete all of your training?

Did you understand or attempt to learn the compensation plan? Did you have a WHY written and design a plan to reach your goals? Or was your only motivation the promise of a short term payout verses a long term goal that would lead you to financial freedom. Hummmmm!

Makes one wonder how quickly, a person can point the finger at a solid company that's providing unique opportunities to help many others that are committed to their success, that take responsibility for their own short comings and understand that they must grow in many areas and have a different mindset to succeed. I'm thankful for this opportunity because it will quickly *** out all of the excuse makers that ned to take a long hard look at that person in the MIRROR!

Check yourself and you'll find where the fault lies.

Denver, Colorado, United States #960896

Great comments by everyone. First off you didnt put in a full effort.

Like stated by another person you cant expect to get paid in less then 10 days without putting in any effort. Second 5Linx wouldn't and CANT tell you about the earnings of someone elses account, so I know thats a lie. Do your research people before you believe only the negative you see. In every business in the world in order to succeed you must work hard and long.

So many people expect things to be given to them now a days. The same people who complain and say this is a scam or doesn't work will also be the same people who are broke days after getting paid and working for $8 an hour.

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #960975

You have to be out of your *** mind...what is negative about people's bank account and credit card having recurring fees without that person's knowledge, what is the negative part, that you simple minded idiots never thought someone would not check their balance on their account at any time...what is negative? Also what do you mean "...broke days after getting paid and working for $8 an hour"...considering my salary is $97,000 annually, (which is a long distance from what you make), I would be broke after 5linx continuously steal money from my account. Anyone that sees nothing wrong with 5linx doing what they are doing to decent people all of you are liar's, and if you lie, you will steal...and if you steal, you will CHEAT!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #936400

They tell you at their convention to lie to your family and friends to get them to join and transfer their services over to theirs. This is real talk I went with a friend to Miami last year in January to their convention and it was expensive enough just to get in and they were passing out large amount of checks to the owners then convince the audience that thus could be you if you do more work on your family and friends and it won't hurt to lie to them...

What a joke this company is.

To get them to stop taking money directly out of my account I had to call bank and say I lost my credit card so I can get a new account. Never give them that much power that they can go directly and get money from you when they are suppose to be helping you make money

to teetee Chicago, Illinois, United States #947840

You did not have to say you lost your credit card you should have told them what happened and just get a new card with a difference number. Banks should know what is going on, I am going to send these reviews to my bank's fraud department to let them know, I will be getting my monies back.

to teetee Chicago, Illinois, United States #960977

Hi TeeTee...I signed up in Chicago with a Mitzie and Ralph Hughes...I would never have believed these two are low down dirty dogs...liars, cheaters, and they would steal your last dollar given the opportunity. Hope you did not sign up under them, thx!

Texas, United States #896249

umm.. if you were a rep, did you do your online training??

It clearly says that buying services for the sake of bonuses and promotions is STRICTLY prohibited. 5linx tells reps to either buy services and try them so they can see the value in them or to sell the services. I find it very difficult to believe that a person does not need internet, cable, home security, cell phone, electric, etc.. Why purchase those things from someone else who is getting paid commission versus say..ummmm, yourself?

If I buy things I don't use personally, I hand them out as samples...

since I am pregnant and was BF I could not drink the coffee or use the health products, but handing samples out makes GOOD business sense to try to acquire customers. Again..

i think it has to do with your mindset.. whether you view starting a business as an investment or whether you came in thinking this was a get rich quick scheme.

to Tracy Chicago, Illinois, United States #947841

No thank you...you can keep 5linx


"This company is so bad that it will make your own family lie to you." ...maybe! Or maybe your relative was simply just a lier before 5linx.

Do your homework in advance and establish your plan before you launch then you'll be able to make business decisions you can live with. The next thing is that you pawn your story off as though you tried for years to achieve success with 5linx but in reality, and by your own admission, you didn't even stick it out beyond your first 10 days strangely expecting an ATM card and a new position. And although the company respectfully refunded your money you still went online presenting yourself as a victim. I apologize but I'm not sure how to classify you or your sob story.

Losers at least try before they give up and start whining about how they gave it their best. Winners pick themselves up without wasting time trying to generate sympathy.

Florida, United States #870896

I am with 5Linx and I am not that naive as to buy that much in products. I only pay for the site and a couple of other things and I kept it affordable.

I was not going to break myself. I did not change out my services. Try it again and tell this family member to tell the truth about his or her experience.

It's not nice to lie to family or even potential reps.

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