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I sit hear and read all these interesting comments and it just baffles me at the way people communicate their feelings. If anyone has ACTUALLY taken the time to find out about 5linx then you would know that it was founded by 3 VERY successful {{REDACTED}} guys and for the last NINE years in a row it has been listed on the Inc.

500/5000. Now for the business minded people I don't have to tell you what that is. For the rest of the people (ie. people that say this is a scam) I will teach you.

The Inc. 500/5000 monitors ONLY the top privately held businesses in the United States (just as the Fortune 500 monitors the publicly traded businesses). There are over 22.7 MILLION privately helpd businesses here in the US. 5linx is ranked #2,917.

Now that takes away the "SCAM" thing. Please take that off the table.

Next, this is a BUSINESS. Once you come into business, YES, you actually have to WORK!.

I know some people don't understand that part. Once again, this is a BUSINESS. If you don't make it here then YOU didn't do YOUR part. End of that discussion.

When you come into this business, you are ASSUMED to be an adult and can govern yourself accordingly. Some cannot and then blame it on the company. I usually am NOT a betting person but I would bet that these SAME people have also NOT succeeded at their current careers (so blame it on that system also). Please take responsibility for your actions.

If you CANNOT comprehend the meaning of work then this industry is NOT for you. Does it WORK? I have been in 5linx for 1 year. Have I made A LOT more than I have put in?

Well let's just say that I QUIT my $50K+/year job and doing 5linx full time. It is up to YOU to change YOUR life. Please do NOT blame my Company. You can friend me on Facebook to verify me.

My name is Kirk Wheeler on Facebook! And I APPROVE of this message.

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Never heard of you.

Aiken, South Carolina, United States #1176751

+many men and women who have worked just as hard or harder still will not receive your success it's a lottery and based on percentages...not on hard work. If everyone joins and works hard for10'years only about 25 percent will.succeed you need those quitters to lose faith to be successful. Admit it

to Anonymous #1610474

It's actually closer to like 99.5% of people that do not make any money in MLM businesses. I'd be willing to bet this guy is a complete liar and is just on here trying to recruit, which is why he wants you to message him on Facebook.

Think about it, if he is really making all of this money, why does he care what other people think? Just sit on the beach and sip another cocktail!

Why are you trying to comment on complaint blogs where people post about what a scam your company is? Just go off and be rich!!

Garner, North Carolina, United States #1170384

You post as anonymous which let's everyone know you, first of all, have no credibility. Next, "the people at the top" all started "at the bottom".

I personally know quite a few of them. Myself included. My competition? So I guess every business in the world that has another business as competition should just close their doors because, by your logic, there can't be competition for anyone to make money.

Now let's get to your "well over 75% don't make money at this within a year, and well,..eating is important so they move on" statement...are you aware that in most businessess it takes 3-5 years to turn a profit? I'm guessing that you didn't know that important fact. No-one tells anybody in this industry to quit their day job UNTIL they start to equal or surpass their current income.

Next, paying ridiculous fees???

The ONLY fees that is REQUIRED to pay is your website and virtual office (Platinum Discount Network) which is only $49.95 monthly. Try starting ANY business in this country and tell me what your momthly expenses are. But I'm quite sure that you are NOT a busuness owner so you wouldn't be privy to that information. Educate yourself on the whole industry before speaking on something that you know NOTHING about.

Are you starting to feel clueless yet?

Bottom line, when Warren Buffet and Oprah Winfrey both recommend Network marketing then your opinion doesn't matter.

This is Kirk Wheeler and I approve of this message. Thank you.

to KirkWheeler Aiken, South Carolina, United States #1176749

Do you think we'll over 75 percent of the people who joins your business doesn't know how to work hard? Doesn't know what an investment is?

I apologize that my previous comment definitely came out jumbled and my phone auto corrected words that it wasn't supposed too. I think the mom companies are often run by highly narcissistic individuals unfortunately. That oftentimes, they think it's okay to profit off others misfortune. Although a lot of times it is so very easy to be hypnotized by success and money after working very hard, I don't think you realize there have been many men and women I am sure to join your company and other companies based off the pyramid (by the way they have to sell products by law or they are in fact illegal to operate) most of the time you will find in companies like ACN and what seems like yours the most of the profits are based off that pyramid not coming in from the actual products.Notice in all of the comments you haven't been able to mention your companies products once nor have I once been able to tell you how awesome the supposed ""not scam".company I worked For's products because the whole business is built upon making money and their business model....ACN is all about talking about residual income that's their fancy way of saying we sold only one product For years now we sell other businesses services and now we are selling another companies cell phone's and cell phone services but technically they invented nothing, created nothing and just have contracts with other businesses to sell their products.

Now I honestly do not even know what your business even sells.....did you notice that? That's signs you are being scammed.


Kirk, first of all you're not a politician so you don't have any message to approve- you wrote the thing, so...well, the whole third person thing isn't working for you.

Next, also you're referring to a segment of 5LINX dingbats that just can't seem to make it in 5LIES.

Well that's because well over 75% don't make money at this within a year, and well,..eating is important so they move on.

Lets talk about your products. The market is just about saturated roughly 100 times over for these tech products. In addition, the very team you hire as your "downline" is your competition.

Meaning, the only people making money are the birds at the top, i.e.

the ones who conned everyone to join their "team" and made them pay their ridiculous fees.

Stick a fork in Kirk everyone.

New Lenox, Illinois, United States #1037479

You have spoke nothing but the truth... I soooo agree

Lakemont, Georgia, United States #957045

Word it how you want Mr. 50k a year.

Lol A new spin on the word scam! It's ok if we fall into this criteria, its not our fault if we misrepresent our product... I'll look you up on fb and then we can debate what constitutes a scam.

How about trying to be human and not look for loopholes to justify what you know is wrong. I couldn't make my mortgage payment for 6 months on 50k looser.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #936396

Once again this is a scam and if you are a scammer you may get rich. Someone I know also was making over $50,000 on his job and he is a National Director at 5linx he retired from his REAL job early and guess what a year later and now scrambling for money so he has Upped his SCAM..

Now he's on dating sites trying to scam women lol What a joke..

I guess he has to find people some way some how. CHICAGO here he come.

to teetee Brooklyn, New York, United States #1228841

He found you on that dating site huh?

Shirley, New York, United States #924765

I am Samantha Sarro my sister is Angela(she would kill me if she knew I did this) but do know, this 5linx bs changed my sister for the worst! She believes/believed so much in all the BRAINWASHING that she sacrificed everything, home, car and family for the "conventions & internationals" to NO AVAIL.

I truly despise everything about this org. I just hope no other little sister lost her only role model...

to Sam Sarro #1228843

I'm telling!!


This brainwashing cult helped bring my once strong, independent, resilient and extremely determined big sister into bankruptcy and on the brink of suicide. I do believe that any heartless, spineless "person" can make money off of 5linx but it's like selling used crappy cars, the service sucks!!! I hope all aspiring entrepreneurs find something far more meaningful to get involved with, run far and fast from this ponzi scheme

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #907796

The pyramid survives by making money off of membership fees. Just like many of the others. They will dispute that, but sometimes people don't take exception to the truth.


What is up with all this minority stuff? A business is a business and it grows out of people who want to strive to do better.

Since when did being Hispanic, Caucasian, Caribbean or any other race even matter?

Im not in this company but Im hungry for a better life, for more time on my hands at the end and I'm not broke or desperate, I am doing fine and I'm looking to build my own success not someone elses. So for you people that down this without knowing, put some things into perspective first.


Mr.Kirk Wheeler:

Question: How many people have you recruited? How many people in your group are actually an SVP?

Out of the people that you recruited what is the percentage of them that are making money?

How many are minorities? (Minorities are resilient always striving to be better, minorities are less likely to complain!

to Anonymous Garner, North Carolina, United States #887338

I have personally recruited at 10 people. My organization has roughly 50 people in it.

The percentage of who is making money is unknown because I don't have access to their accounts but what I do know is 2 things.

1. If you don't work your business you cannot expect it to grow. (Try starting ANY TYPE of traditional business and let me know if it grows if you DON'T work it).


EVERYONE in 5linx makes money off of their own services because at the end of the year your OWN personal bills are a tax write off.

I have over 5 SVP'S or above in my entire organization but in my direct down line (there are none-- as I am the top position in my downline).

I cannot speak for OTHER people's work ethic however I can speak for mine. I work this business and I am making money.

So NO ONE can tell me this business doesn't work. It works if you work it.

A good part of my business is minorities (I am BLACK).

Everyone will complain at any given point however I choose to WORK the business and make the money. If you would like to discuss more you can contact me directly at 980-285-6961.

to KirkWheeler Garner, North Carolina, United States #887339

Sorry the correct phone number is 980-285-7961.

to KirkWheeler #895537

You make money by recruiting other desperate ppl! Its a scam covered by a loop whole.

That's all. I feel bad for the ones that get suckered into it because they in turn end up lying to entice others losing friends in the process.

to Anonymous Garner, North Carolina, United States #895542

You post as anonymous because you don't want people to see how ignorant you are. I post my REAL name on Facebook because I know what I'm talking about.

If you were smart enough to do your OWN research you would find all the credibility 5linx has (CNN/NBC news/Success Magazine INC. 500/5000...etc...). I have been in 5linx 1 year now and have QUIT my job because of how well I am doing. I really can't help that you lack the business knowledge and/or intellect to understand this.

It's a business and should be treated as such. I don't have to hide behind anonymous. Anyone can check my page and see how well I am doing in this legit business.

So go back under your rock and continue with your 9-5.

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