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My cousin Tamika Hamilton on my step father's side of the family along with her partner Porcia introduced me to this 5 linx company, and said I would have to pay two hundred forty nine dollars to start. I said okay, I get paid on Wednesday.

I never finished filling out the application, I put my social security number,name, and email address on the paper, before I could go into my account to give them the money, they had already taken more money than what they asked me for from my account. Three transactions were made on wednesday February 5, 2014. The first one was for 249.00 independent marketing representative. The second one was for 49.95 for platinum service monthly, and the third one for 45.00 5linx energy certification.

This is not right, so I'm bringing this criminal activity to your attention. I would like a refund, and I would hope someone address this situation soon.

These people have overdrawn my account by taking my hard earned money without my permission. My number is three zero one eight two one five zero five three.

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YOU are to blame for trusting what you were TOLD instead of READING the contract YOU signed.


Im sorry but the people who signed you up and that you gave your information to went online and added these additional services without your knowledge. The company will only charge you for what you signed up for.

If you didnt personally sign up yourself then you need to check your cousin and her partner for not giving you complete information rather than blame the company. the company did exactly what the computer told them to do and somebody plugged in that information to the computer.


I can tell you this that your (My cousin Tamika Hamilton on my step father's side of the family along with her partner Porcia introduced me to this 5linx company)

Had to give your information to the 5linx office, unless you processed it yourself online. You put your information on the application and they processed it before they were suppose to so.

The two people you trusted with your application processed it.

Be Blessed

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #1026471

I'm just reading your post and it is sad that you believe 5Linx took money unauthorized from your account but here are the real facts. At your age (and I'm sure you are over age 18) haven't you been taught or learned to always read any document completely before you sign it?

If you read that application you filled out, you would have noticed that the $249 dollars was for you to own your very own franchise business with 5Linx, the $49.95 for the Platinum Service is a recurring charge that every 5Linx representative gets in order to know whats going on in their business as well as access to the training portals and the $45 was the certification cost for you to offer the energy services. Perhaps none of this was explained to you, but hold yourself accountable for not asking the right questions or reading any document that you fill out. Hope you see this as a lesson learned, but do not blame 5Linx for the shortcomings of the people that you know. Take ownership of what you didn't do correctly.

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Hayward, California, United States #915077

I've had the same problem! Me & my friend! I always wondered if I could file a lawsuit on the representative who gave me & my friend false information?!

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #855581

That is no fault of the company. Rather that was poor leadership on the fault of "your cousin" or whomever was responsible of launching your business. Shame

Clarksville, Tennessee, United States #832801

U must have given them your credit card number that's the only way they are able to get access to your account so u may need to check your family member

Huntsville, Alabama, United States #828751

I worked for 5Linx for a year and signed up friends and family. I think the business is just what it states.

Any type of business will take an effort to make a success. I learned a lot from their system. 5linx has put together a business plan that made it easy to sell telecom products and services. As a result of starting the 5linx business I have went on to develop 50 Links.

50 Links is a marketing service based on 50 of the prime telecom service provides who has linked to my business to market their products and services. Now I am able to make 50 x more profits because I work directly with the provides. If you would like to join me in this business contact me at www.efibernet.com Make 50 times the profit join 50 links. 5linx paid me $2.00 commissions on product/Services sold.

50 links pays me 100.00 upfront per sales and 8.5% Monthly reaccouring income. The best part of the deal that I have some providers that pay 300% more then 5linx.

I think my 5linx investment was the start to my understanding of the Telecom Industry. Thanks 5linx!

Orlando, Florida, United States #819976

Check the person who is your upline. I am a rep that started September 2013 my upline helped me filled out my application and waited for my approval to process the application because my funds was now in the bank.

This is a great company to build your business. 5linx is not the blame, they process what your upline sent in before your approval. That was greed on your upline part in a hurry to get you on their team and lost. Now you have a bad taste in your mouth about the company of an error of your upline.

I'm really sorry that happen to you. May blessing be poured upon you after this bad ordeal.

San Jose, California, United States #819738

Yea sounds like your up line screwed you over sorry to hear that. You have to understand 5linx accepts applications online or by a person who submits the information.

I use 5linx and I sell 5linx and the prices have not gone up. Your up line's greed has.

Please don't let the bad experience shake you. Just call the corporate office and let them know what happen and contact your bank.


I just went to a 5linx recruitment meeting Last night (5/22/14) and they wanted me to lay out $349.00 plus $49.00 month for a website. I might have done it except all the reviews on the (customer side) were of people saying the cost of their services,ie cable, electric, etc..

you name it.. WENT UP! wth? And from reading the other posts, thank God I didn't.

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Moreno Valley, California, United States #807384

Hello as a 5linx representative I would like to say that it was not the company that did this to you. It was the sponsor who you signed with that should have waited for you to have the funds in your account before processing your application.

In actuality they should not have had you fill out the application in the first place.

5linx has changed my life and I have changed the life of others in a positive way. I think you should just be more cautious on who you share personal information with and really research a company before you decide to invest in it....

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