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They only recruite poor people that dont have money and make them pay more money for services and they keep charging your credit card...if you ask for refund they make you go thru a process. and when you do all that.....they still keep charging your credit card.....I thought they supposed to pay you not charge you....their fees are too high.

Rediculous....dont expect a refund. Just cancell your credit card so they dont charge you more.

They people that are not making money still paying those rich ppl are *** and brainwashed. They need to give me my money back!

i gave up! cant afford a lawyer.

Monetary Loss: $900.

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just a cheap fk. .people wants to make money but no investing at all.

just a cheap fk. i make money madafaka.

that u sucked and did not know how to do it...that's your problem. but just because u skd does not blame the company, blame yourself...dumb sht.


Hey man .Are you feeling OKAY? What gives?

You have to agree that it does not take a rocket scientist to get this system straight.

You feel me.Cut it out,better yet just stop.Please. WOW!!!


I have been with 5Linx for 4mths now and I really believe in it. Bcz my $249 investment gave me back 750 the 1st mth, 800 the 2nd mth, and residual ever since.

A scam would be investing your money but have no returns. I love this business.


5linx recruits all kinds of people rich, middle class and poor, doctors, lawyers, teachers. Do your research?


I am not a representative and don't ever plan to be one. This is a business!

If you do not ever think you would be able to start up a traditional business and successfully run a traditional business, why do you think you could start up a MLM business and successfully run a MLM business. A business is a business.

They all take work and dedication. Most people don't make it in a home based business because they are too lazy to actually do what it takes to make a business work.


U r a fool I'm not a rep but has been I'm mlm for ten yrs!

PRIMERICA!!! Baby I know u know about

Them we can make more money then 5 Linx

Reps a mo. but we got to do it again the next mo. 5linx

Reps can make it one mo and keep it coming in fa life as long as the person paid their bills! 2 tight!! Fam ! These r bills that got to b paid each mo. & can never be off Know matter ? Cell,cable,gas,ele, & so on. This is the DON-SON saiding peace PRIMERICA !!!! IM ON 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this has got to be the dumbest and most non-sensical thing i've ever read in my life... seriously...

don't blame the company if you can't produce any results

the company makes no money with no production, so i don't know how recruiting "poor" people who have no money to give them is supposed to make them money? i've been a rep for over a year, and i don't know one poor person that is a business partner...

only people who USED to be poor... go figure.

to J Hartsdale, New York, United States #703239

BBB says your all a bunch of hustler who steal from people abuse people's credit card...and take advantage of the poor and ignorant One day you will come across someone who will not let you just get away with taking their money someone who will higher a high end lawyer taking advantage of people who are greedy and materialistic...How about you stop focusing on the hood fabulous and boushe people and come up here where the blacks are educated and have the money to sue your *** off. You are like the devil u play in grounds of idol minds. Your is stated in every part of this country as a scam the only one who doesn't is you J cause your feeding off ignorance...But Karma will find u

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