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I have read so much about the different type of complaints that former reps have had all these issues with 5LINX. None of which really hold any weight to a true business minded person. I have been in 5LINX for the last 7 months while working a full time job, so it has been strictly part time and the fact is...most of the comments that I have read are from someone who gave themselves time to develop from an average everyday individual into a true businessman or woman. The fact is it takes 3 - 5 years on average to see a profit in a traditional business, so why would you get rich overnight in a MLM business...a business is still a business and it takes time to build a profit.

Most people don't develop themselves into true professional network marketers...simply put the best of the best in 5LINX get to that position because they not only invest in there business but they also spend money on thier own development. It is truly a whole person concept...you have to learn the industry, learn your company, learn your products, LEARN your compensation plan, learn about people, learn how to talk to people, learn how to market, learn how to build network & systems.

If you failed in 5LINX it is not because of the company or then business or anything else...it is simply because you didn't understand the business and you didn't go about the business correctly...Lastly you quit before it got good.

For anyone who is reading this that is thinking about 5LINX as a business option then do yourself a favor and really think about it and make sure that you are willing to give it 3-5 years and you are willing to take a loss in the beginning in order to gain financial freedom down the road. My mentor once said that you can operate a business expecting $50K a month but you only have a $200 a month work ethic. This business is simple but not easy and it requires work in order to be successful and you must be able to follow simple instructions.

If you need help or want to learn more about the truth then email me jarmrob81@gmail.com


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This is the business of bringing people into the business. STAY AWAY.

Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #863372

My partner and I are thinking about joining this business and your post stood out to me.Thank you.

Your comments really made me realize that we have to go hard or don't do it. My partner is an excellent salesperson who knows loads of people.

And I think we will do fine.Thanks again.

Rochester, New York, United States #810995

They likely hire people to write these false rebuttals, all day long

Bellevue, Washington, United States #756154

Stop selling out of date servicess.Maybe that's why they call these companies by their real names,resellers

New York City, New York, United States #665432

Pyramid scheme ... I read nothing but complaints from customers and nothing but it's salespersons saying how great the company is ... 90% of what they sell can be found cheaper the majority of the time

Gary, Indiana, United States #663372

First of all...please make use of spell check...your analysis lose credibility when you don't take the time to edit...second, i thought the man jumping around the stage said be your own boss but yet you mentioned you had a job...the truth is, the services 5linx offer can't compete with well established companies...people who invest in this *** will lose their money...but not me...i'm too smart for that

Bronx, New York, United States #594663

so now your out the initial investment, bout $300 more bucks.for a website for the last 6 months.

gas money, plane money to fly across the *** country for a meeting, where the top guys show up and tell you to "stay positive" and "you can do it" not to mention $130.00 to get the *** in to a meeting for a business you already *** work at lmfao...what a joke. the guys at the top of this pyramid are making so much money from people starting/ failing this *** daily they can afford to give away as many bmw's as they want and not blink at eye. (remember) no matter what your imr(upline) whatever you call it, tell you...you've got 10 days to cancel this *** and get out.

they promise you this sign on bonuses and whatnot...dont believe it.don't fall for the hype!

to LET THE TRUTH BE HEARD!!! Montgomery, Alabama, United States #597641

@ LET THE TRUTH BE HEARD...Trust me I understand your frustration, this type of business is a very hard but simple business because it is a people type of business.I have struggled in my own business especially in recruiting because unless someone has a true entrepreuneur spirit and are willing to truly dedicate themselves to the personal development side of the business....most people fail.

It is hard to stay committed in the beginning especially if you don't see the results you hoped for. It doesn't make the business bad...it just may mean that it isn't the type of business for you. THERE IS AN ART TO THIS BUSINESS and it takes time to learn it...pure excitement only goes so far. I will tell you this...I am not at the top of the company, I am a little less than halfway there and I have been doing this for 1 year.

However I have made money in this business by hitting different product promotions. I hit part of my quick start bonus because I completed it within 60 days and not 30 days. I don't know who your upline was but honestly the best part of this business is that you work with people and the worst part of this business is you work with people.

Sorry things didn't work out for you.I would suggest that you read the book "Your First Year In Netork Marketing" by Mark Yarnell ...It really addresses a lot of the issues you are talking about and can give you a different perspective (if your truly interested in making it to the top)


Stfu!To the ones defending it (5linx).

As a TRUE business customer satisfaction is the most important part because of the FACT that customers are the ones who make YOU rich. So weather or not it's "You" individually fu*#*#'g someone over or not. The Company as a WHOLE...Is Responsible For It's Customers.

So eat that...1link up your a**!...:?

to HustleMuscle Yorktown, Virginia, United States #658961

First of all grow up.We are all adults no need for the crazy language; secondly spell check before you post something that everyone is going to see.

This business is great and you will get what you put into it.

No business is perfect, nor are they without their flaws.Learn how to express yourself as an adult and not a child before you downplay a company.

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