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I joined 5Linx in August 2014 through a friend, she had her uplines signed me up, they told me if I signed up two people in the first 30 days I will do the fast start and get a bonus of $1,200.00 so I signed up two of my friends into the business within 15 days did lots of PBRs changed my services, bought products and did everything I was told to do, after the 30 days I did not received the bonus money and questioned the uplines who signed me up, I got all kind of excuses from them that did not make any sense, after two months that upline told me that I did not qualified for the entire bonus but only $225.00, again she gave many excuses, so I called 5Linx and found out that she never ordered the products that were part of the requirement when signing up one of my downline and that disqualify me from getting the bonus, so her big mistake got me disqualify but she never told me she had messed up from the biginin, her and another rep who are ND's in Miami are signing up people into 5Linx by lying to people, taking peoples money and then not even answering reps call, everytime you call them they say they will call you back but that never happens, after they take your money they don't want to talk to you. I agreed that people afected shoud start a multiple law suite against the company so they get involve in how some reps are ruining the company reputation.

These people charged one of my downline credit card without her authorization and that is fraud, they told me I had to buy more products to get more points when I had more than enough points to qualify. Someone needs to do something against these fraudulent behavior, I recomend to go to the local media and have this issue exposed nationwide.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $1046.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Do not pay what they promise.

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Missouri City, Texas, United States #1082191

I'm sorry to hear of your experience, and as a representative myself I have never heard of such practices with 5linx and against any of its representatives. When all new representatives join the business they go through a series of trainings that explain how someone qualifies, and as they purchase items they must select auto, one-time, 3 months.

I'm not sure what your friend selected at the time of their order, but I can assure you 5linx is not in the business of scamming people or leading them falsely.

I wish that you would have contacted our corporate office if you were experiencing such trouble, it would have saved you a lot of time and heartache. Best wishes to you and your endeavors in the future.

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #1026460

Lets tell the truth about the problem or issue that you have if you are apart of 5Linx or any other organization. 5Linx did not cause any injury to you, and if you were to be very clear about your complaint the issue was with the person that was suppose to be your friend.

It's sad whenever people have a problem with a person they are very quick to attempt to tarnish or punish the company for the mistake or issue cause by one person.

Lets let the facts speak for themselves, so you should address the issue with the person because 5linx has policies that it follows and if that person screwed you then do not blame 5Linx or expect 5Linx to correct the error.

I am sorry that this happened to you but point the finger at the real problem and not at the solution. Besides, stuff happens all the time and if that was all that it took to make you quit, good riddance. You should have chalked this incident as a lesson learned, learn the compensation plan yourself and make the type money this opportunity affords you. Get better about any opportunity you are going to become a part of, read books, attend the conferences, get on all the training's.

Remember this is a business and with that, there are bad and good that comes with it.

Otherwise, go back to your job and fulfill someone else dream because its evident that you have abandoned yours!

to Pastor B Newport News, Virginia, United States #1068894

It sounds to me like you are getting paid to recite this. And word for word I might add.

If you feel you are getting taken advantage of don't just "chalk it up" say something about it speak up. The people you talked about are the company.

I seem to recall that if you are a representative then you represent the company so when you mess up it's on the WHOLE COMPANY.

Thank You

to Pastor B Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #1162898

Pastor B so you told this young lady to "go back to your old job and fulfill someone else's dream". How are you not fulfilling someone else's dream with this pyramid scheme?


I never got paid either, I enrolled over 10 people in the first month. Got qualified and even helped my first 2 get qualified within the first month.

Never got paid but $50.

5linx only made excuses. I still have enrolled over 60 customers and still have not received a dime!


You are in business with bad people. This is a great business I hope because of some bad people you don't walk away from a life changing business experience.

In business you have to check!double check! Even triple CHECK!

Hope you find your way through. Trust makes you blind.

Ashtabula, Ohio, United States #944514

5linx is an amazing company, and I have been making decent $$$ over this two past years. Dont let somebody lead you, be a leader and you will have succes.

to IMR New York, New York, United States #950124

You mean be a leader in recruiting people.

to sell the dream #1000173

So what its OK to get paid off bringing people in we tell people about jobs and never get *** for that sounds more horrible to me

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