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Yes, I see it is about getting business partners instead of the sale of their products. Do not get me wrong the products are great, but the ones they are offering are cheaper if you go straight to the companies themself.

How can you sale someone a cellphone plan when you know they can get it cheaper from the same company or two others out that. I notice that 5linx make it money from the representatives that become business partners and they enforce their profit by saling us as business owner you must get a service and product to get qaulified and get two people under you and two people under them. Meanwhile you are not making real residuals. I thought it was great, but the only great thing about it is that it is your business and everything can be a tax write off.

So it could be a win/win in this situation. Also remember it may sound good, but everyone do not have the skills to sale this dream that why it only work for a select few.


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Atlanta, Georgia, United States #906364

Stay away from this recruiting scam. 5lynx reps will defend this until they're blue in face.

You hit the nail on the head.

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