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Sorry to hear about that. But the sponsor should have explained about the platinum service of $49.00.

That $49 will be charged every month as payment to your own website for doing the business.

As a business owner, those are all tax write off which at the end you gain more, but If you will do the business, that will cover evertything. I've seen people making a lot of money doing this business.

And regarding $45 for energy, that is optional, if you want to sell gas.

Success is a Choice.

If it is to be, It's up to me.

Reason of review: Good quality.

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Moreno Valley, California, United States #995144

I am sorry you had s bad experience with 5Linx but I actually met someone like me who is doing really well. Just so you know I owned z postal business for years.

I had to shell out 2100 dollars overhead before j size one penny for myself. I guess you thought you could own s business with no overhead .

I suggest that you just work for someone else because you know very little about beings business owner I see. All business have overhead good luck in finding one that does not have overhead expenses

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