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As a representative of 5Linx, I have found the following to be true:

1. You cannot save people money on any service or product. As a matter of fact, I discovered that their coffee and Hi-5 wellness products are available from Amazon at a much cheaper price. You can check it out yourself.

2. Once people realize that they cannot really save money, they do not see any value in becoming a customer, thus making the job of acquiring customers very difficult.

3. Most of the customers are acquired through the cleverly devised Compensation Plan that mandates all Independent Marketing Representatives to become customers before they can begin to earn any commissions, and since every service subscribed to is counted as a separate customer, it is possible for one representative to be also several customers.

In summarizing, I believe that 5Linx is a legitimate company and I know that some people are having great success. However, I am not prepared to mislead or deceive people into thinking that I can save them money when I know fully well that I can't. As long as 5Linx continues to make that claim of saving people money, I'm out. My conscience does not allow me to make that claim because I feel that I'm sacrificing my values as a customer driven entrepreneur.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

I didn't like: Deceptive claims to customers.

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Framingham, Massachusetts, United States #938652

Unfortunately, there are many MLM companies out there that are like that. It makes the more reputable companies look bad.

There are companies that highly encourage their independent distributors to market their businesses with honesty and integrity.

I know this to be true. I have worked with companies that try to push "snake oil" while convincing their IDs that what they were promoting was valuable and worth purchasing. For this reason, I had quit being a network marketer for a while.

Last year I finally found a company that is reputable, has valuable products that actually work, as well as an excellent compensation plan. They highly encourage their IDs to market with integrity.

One thing to note: ALL network marketing companies require their IDs to purchase the products.

In order to be successful as a network marketer you MUST be a product of the product(s) in order to prove to people that they work.

If you would like to work with an honest, reputable company, please find me at fb dot com/heathertaskovics. I will be more than happy to work with you and help you get started.

Thank you.


Yes you can quit. Just call and discontinue your platinum services

Silver Spring, Maryland, United States #929386

Is there a way of quitting if you are a representative?

Fort Washington, Maryland, United States #928314

I'd like to know more about how you know that 5 Linx does not really save people money on the services or products. Your statements are really revealing, yet I would like more proof.

I just started with 5 linkx and I don't want to encourage my family & friends to change their utilities & buy products, I can't keep "my word". I could not live with myself if I found out that the company I was working with was deceiving and misleading.

to NayNay #932375

I was there and was a svp. I left because to much playing with words.

I had a ET under me get 29 energy customers in a 5 week period. I had no answer for him when he called me and said 18 of his 29 customers bills were doubled or tripled. Corporate gave me and him a lame excuse. I stopped marketing energy.

You only making 20-30 cents a month on cell lines until u hit svp. They focus more on reps being their own customer instead of getting real customers. And they always focus on you staying the course and not quitting. It's never quitting if you change directions.

Hope this helps future would be reps. ohhh I made money there but could not defeat my conscience.

I had to go. I love people.

to NayNay Chicago, Illinois, United States #936392

The prices are the same or cheaper just by going to Directv or the products and getting them yourself. The cellphone service is VERY crappie.

I worked as a rep but I couldn't try to lie to family and friends cause they saw it wasn't worth it. But the Reps try to convince themselves and you these are the best products on the market. They sell coffee and the CEO of the company said to us he don't even drink coffee but he has a great sell pitch.

The do have great parties at convention centers that once again you have to fork out a lot of money. If you value a dollar "your dollar" Real talk it ain't worth it...


You are right. And this is because YOU are their customer.

They get their money from YOU. That is how it works.

to spanky Chicago, Illinois, United States #936393

Spanky u r soooo true

to spanky #1170259

5LINX makes their money from you buying their products. You are supposed to go and sell those products, starting with your family and friends, because they trust you already.

Then you're supposed to get leads from them, to sell yet more product too. But once that vine dries out, as it assuredly will, you're done as a rep- period. Their real and only strategy is to get you to sell their products to your loved ones who trust you already. That's what they won't ever tell you.

Meanwhile, you may break even on the hundreds of dollars you forked over to them for the fees and products in the first place. Ask yourself, who wins in this scenario?

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