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Update by user Dec 24, 2014

How this ended up as a review I don't know. It was supposed to be a comment on another post about 5linx.

For the record I am not now, nor have I ever been a 5linx rep or ibo.

I have however been to a home meeting where the "business opportunity" ( I use that term loosely ) was pitched. I wasn't impressed so I didn't drink the kool aid

Original review posted by user Dec 24, 2014

This is not a business. You own nothing. You have no say on pricing, or product placement. Your downline can be taken from you at any time for any reason. Your contract can be terminated at any time for any reason. All that hard work the original poster talks about can be yanked out from under you and moved to another distributor, again with no say from you. They call you a business owner/independent contractor to keep from having to follow labor laws such as minimum wadge and over time.

They charge you $45 a month for a website that you Could get yourself for free or half the price if you want snazzy web design.

Then you have to convince your friends to switch their cable, satelite, electric, home phone and cell through your website. The problem is that all these things could be done simply by going directly to the website of any of those services for the same cost to them or better.

However you could sell your friends a video phone (like they don't know skype) that only works if the other party has the same phone lol..

You could also try getting your friends to buy a $40 12oz bag of "healthy coffee"... Lol yeah good luck with that. Folgers is $8 for a 3lb tub and a bottle of good vitamins $6... Umm yeah pass the Folgers and pass on 5linx

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