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I recently ordered a phone upgrade from 5linx (T-Mobile). Everything went smooth in terms of ordering, my order arrived very swiftly.

The only thing that's troubling me is the fact that the cell phone's box is already opened. I let it off first thinking, maybe they needed to check it, so they had to open it. However, I also noticed that the screen protector of the said phone (the original one that you have to peel off before using it) has air bubbles in it. That to me, clearly signifies that the screen protector has been peeled off before.

I don't know if this phone is used, refurbished, or a returned phone, but I certainly hope not. This really left a sour taste to me because I expected to open the box myself, and not find that the seal has already been broken; and also the box is dirty. I really wonder if this is normal or I am just being too nitpicky. It's just that I have NEVER experienced this before.

Initially, I am keen on recommending 5linx to friends, but now... I really don't know :/

Monetary Loss: $49.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #722781

I feel you are complaining to the right person, (5LINKS). You complain to the Vendor you paid your money to. If's 5LINKS job to take care of your problem so they can maintain the credibility of their company.

I wish you luck!

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #601258

Actually, neither T-Mobile or 5Linx sent you the phone. It came from a third-party company which also services Amway.

They buy and stock the phones themselves. In doing so, they perform quality checks.

They also place a charge on the phones so they can be activates immediately once you received it. Call 5Linx Mobile for inquiry on the condition of your phone.


Loki is mad at the wrong company. You should be mad at T-Mobile not 5Linx.

When you order a T-Mobile phone through 5Linx, your order is passed on T-Mobile who ships the phone to you. You should complain to them, not to 5Linx.


I Understand your frustration but it sounds like a T-Mobil problem more then a 5linx. 5 linx is just the messenger per-say, but they should be contacted about the problem.

The product is being shipped from T-Mobil not 5linx.

And like many thing that you buy I am sure the is a 100% guarantee to send back if you were not satisfied, but if this 1 thing gave u a bad taste then you must have never had a bad experience with a product. I hope before tossing it to the side, I hope you were able to return the items for a new one or a full refund, which I noticed you did not mentioned.

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