Has anyone noticed that 5 Linux or any MLM company always targets the minority, hispanics, african american & the lower middle class. Go to the meetings; look around!

The founders are always Rich & wealthy white guys. Remember if you have a product that is GREAT as they say it would sell themselves. They actually don't want you to sell the products they want you to recruit people. At $249 initial start up costs and $49.95 per month I would want you to recruit people as well.

ALL of their products have a catch; either direct withdrawal from your checking account or a monthly service fee. The only difference that 5linx states is that it's your business and you MUST invest in your business! Very well said! Always check your "upline" look at how many people in their group/team is making real money.

Forget about their checks of $30,000-$45,000 a month! When is enough enough ask them to help you make $8,000 a month. You believed them an joined their group tell them to believe in you and allow me to make $5,000 a month! THEY WON'T DO IT!!!

Ask them to give you a leg!

THEY WON'T DO IT! They'll just say "It's about POSITIONING YOURSELF!" Nice great ANSWER!

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As far as minorities, I was a rep and actually white people were the minorities in being successful in this business.

It is possible to be successful in this business, but you have to work at it.

I got out because I placed my focus elsewhere and was not able to do both. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again if I would truly devote my time to it. Yes the monthly pay/withdrawal I didn't like, but you have to pay the bill anyway so it just saves you the extra step. It's unfortunate that some of the upline seems to not be so helpful to their new recruits.

They are not all that way and as a rep you have a cs number that you can call for questions. I have been to the big training event, they teach you about the products. It is up to each rep on how they want to focus their business, but your pay won't increase as much without a downline. It doesn't matter how many people are in your downline, if you don't sell the services, you won't make any money.

Any business is the same way...

Without a service to sell, you have nothing and without sales people you can't sell the service... Only difference is- you have to sell the service, not wait by the phone for someone to call for the service

to Used to be a rep #1170240

Look at what this guy typed: "Yes the monthly pay/withdrawal I didn't like, but you have to pay the bill anyway so it just saves you the extra step". This person is totally Brainwashed with 5LINX rhetoric.

Texas, United States #896243

Very misinformed, bitter representative who posted the original post. As a white female married to a black male, we are already financially stable in the top 1% of the US in terms of income as a result of of education and full-time employment.

Many of the SVPs in the company are black or immigrants because what I have found after working the business for a year is that there are a lot of lazy Americans who do not view America as the land of opportunity and are unwilling to invest in themselves or their future (sounds like you possibly). They would rather go to work for someone else and not take a chance at a better life which does involve both an investment of time and finances.

When I go to the meetings, I see a room of many ethnicities (predominantly not white or hispanic); however, instead of viewing this as a downfall to the organization, I view it as an OPPORTUNITY for ME to share with the whites and hispanics. After all, wouldn't you agree that most people stick to their cultures? Thankfully, the person who showed me the business did NOT pre-judge me bc I was white and she was a Nigerian immigrant.

The products 5linx offers can offer full-time income BY SALES production alone..

Not just by building a team and earning over ride commissions. You obviously did not take the time to learn the compensation plan. Several of our top products including TEXT MARKETING which enables you to earn nearly $50,000/year just in product commissions alone by selling 2 a week. Our merchant payment solutions product also pays a considerable UP FRONT bonus which has absolutely NO regard to your position in the company.

Additionally, selling a home security system monitoring package can earn you $300-$600/up front bonus. In order to sell these products, it is essential to have a website and some of the services yourself so you can speak to the validity of the products.

As for my household, we have the security monitoring and several other products... So if you did not take time to review the comp plan or to review the products, that is no ones fault but your own. There is NO business you can operate in the US without investing somewhat, and I am sorry you sound like a person that doesn't have $50 a month to pay for your website.

We teach our team to switch their own products and services by using their website so they can make money off the things they are already buying such as DIRECTV, DISH, ATT or whatever it may be. hope this clarifies for any one reading.

Feel free to check out our business on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/kingdomsolutionsTX

5linx is truly a business that makes sense!

to Anonymous #906153

The Kool Aid tastes good, doesn't it? 5Lynx is in the business of bringing people into the business.

I've been to the meetings, and they're nothing short of a cult that plays on the cords of making it big. I am not against MLM, but I am against the ones where the main focus in recruiting people.

to Cornman Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #907786

Cornman email me @ kinjyo1410@gmail.com

I have some questions for you?


to Cornman #1133875

Did you ever hear the saying, people make the world go round? I wonder what that means to you.

to Anonymous #1170239

I'll clarify the real message in this reply. First, its a obvious use of the reply feature to advertise to yet more uneducated folks to buy 5LINX products that nobody needs.

Nice try, but it doesn't change anything. 5LINX products are oversaturated in the market. Its a fact the only people making money are the *** artists selling the fees to join, and the products they are forcing those in the downline to buy.

False hype and hope mixed with the buyer lack of education on how this all really works. That's the 5LINX business model.

to Anonymous #1241682

Your comments are a echo of all the 5linx BS that gets spewed around at the extravaganzas to jazz up the current suckers and draw in new ones. You say your earnings are in the top 1% but I challenge you to prove it- post a redacted copy of your latest tax return. The reality is you are a wanna be big shot looser.

Manteca, California, United States #895297

Wow…..there are a ton of miss information in this post so I will attempt to address them one by one….first let’s talk about the statement you made about requiting only minorities and the owners being rich white guys. 5linx is a Network Marketing company, which means you Market to People in your Network.

If you are a minority, 9 times out of 10 most of the people you know are other minorities. The company does not target, it simply gives a person an opportunity to make additional income….Most of the people open to make additional money are the people who need it…..like minorities.

Secondly you stated that “they don’t want you go sell products….they want you to recruit people” The fact is that you cannot have a legal MLM without a product to offer. I personally have over a 100 personal customer points, but I have less than 50 actual people in my group.

Yes recruitment is a part of the business; this is how you leverage your time. Its always better to have 1% of a 100 peoples efforts than 100% of 1 persons efforts…that’s just basic business 101.

Thirdly you stated the “All of the products have a catch; either directly withdrawal or a monthly service fee”. What’s the issue with that? Your cell phone has a monthly service fee, your electric bill has a service fee, your home phone has a monthly service fee, your internet has a monthly service fee…..Nothing is Free.

The fact you can sign up for auto bill payment only makes things easier for the business owner….this way you don’t have to hire an accounting department to track down pay-a-bills…(pun-intended). And by the way you are already paying these bills…..and making no money when you pay them….with 5linx or any other MLM, which offer these services, you can now save money on your bills, and make money when you pay them. Just makes sense to me.

Now your last comment is very interesting, you state “Forget about their check of $30,000 - $45,000 a month! When (and I’m assuming you meant to say) it is tough enough to ask them to help you to make $8,000 a month”.

I understand your frustration. Most people attempt to get into MLM thinking it’s a Get Rich Quick way to make money and that’s simply not the case. I have been a part of this MLM for 4 years….and my first year I made just enough to cover my monthly expenses…..however now I have a very nice monthly income. It’s all about how hard you’re willing to work for yourself.

And I also feel your frustration with regards to up line help. However I believe very strongly that I’m my own up line. I’m the CEO therefore the responsibility is mine and mine alone. MLM just may not be for you.

It’s not for everyone; however anyone can be successful with this business module.

I wish you all luck and I hope you keep an open mind with regards to MLM businesses. James

to CEOJEAJ Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #895915

In response to your rebuttal. First on Recruiting Only Minorities or "Focusing" on Minorities.

Your answer was very elementary and ignorant. MLM organizations do focus on minority group because they understand the psychological and financially historical culture of that group. Bottom line since the beginning of MLM; "NO" MLM organization has made a significant impact in the Minority Community (% wise) and while that may be due to the lack effort by some that is only the exception and not the RULE.

On your second point regarding not selling products rather recruiting people; you must have been to Colorado and smoked all the *** they sold you. Recruiting people........they are exploiting people.

Quick poll: How many MLM minorities are making 6 figure incomes in your state, your city, and in down line?

Probably not many........historical data supports my theory.

Finally, the auto draft issue. Yes you are correct that many people use auto draft for a variety of monthly obligations but most minorities do not have much disposable income and it is not because they do not take advantage of opopportunities like MLM.......it is due to a lack of RESOURCES!!!!!

FYI on me: I am an educated business owner with over 20 years of business experience.

to CEOJEAJ Lagrange, Georgia, United States #897532

Well said James!!

to CEOJEAJ #932372

I was in that company over 5yrs. I hit svp in 27 months working it part time.

I left because of to much lying or playing with words was going on. You say you have 100 customer points, I bet you are at least 30-40 of your own points. Your overhead is about 2-300 a month. They tell you to be your own best customer.

They were telling people to switch cell carriers and sign up with yourself so you can get paid on your own bill. But you pay $150 termination fee just to make 20-30 CENTS a month on your cellphones. Where is that fair? Do they prey on the black community?

I really don't feel that's their plan, but we introduce it to who we know. Many whites will not join or stay long because they can't recruit their peers in because it's to dark.

You say after 4yrs you have a pretty nice income. What is pretty nice? I know people their over 7yrs and still not covering their monthly.

If you less the a PRODUCING ND, you are lying about your money. As far as CEO goes. You are a CEO over yourself. You can't control nothing the company does.

You say nothing is free. I challenge you or anyone else to google why I left 5linx and watch a video by Simeon Brown. He explains how to get free affiliate links to all the companies you market with waaayyyy better commissions. As far as the cars and trips go.

There is a huge catch to those. Many think the company pays for your car..hahahahahah..ask your UPLINE svp what's the car and trip requirements that you have to perform monthly in order to get your car bonus and annul trip. If they real they'll

Tell you. If they beat around it...then your spidy senses need to be going off.

I am so at peace now. I started to feel like I was deceiving people and I just couldn't do it for the money.

People matter. Be blessed and I wish you all well.

to Anonymous #932373

Ohhh and the main deal is not about getting customers, it's really about getting the reps on the products. At the nationals (i been to 16+) there is never real training on how to market.

It's always mindset training. That training is geared to you not QUITTING. Why not gear training towards selling and marketing.

Sayings like quitters never win and winners never quit are for you to keep paying for your points. Whe a double PSVP tell you it's all about getting the reps on more products then you know they don't care bout your bills...oh they care that you pay your few hundred a month so their residual check will grow...and most of them make their money selling reps trainings that's in your back office....smh


Please stop fooling people....taking advantagefor thier very hard earned money!!

Have concience!!


Go ask your Director, Manager, or your boss how to make $5000 or give you a loan to pay your bills and see if he will do it or better yet Fire you.

to OopsIDidItAgain #932371

You have a better chance of getting it from your boss the earning it in that company.

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