5linx is going down. It's now Nov.

2015 and so much has happened since I've been a part of this business. I've finally come to terms that I am through with them. The top leaders are all at an advantage. The idea is the people who are starting "their business" in the company are the customers.

Please note: The customers aren't just the ones outside the company, but you as the business partner is the customer for their upline. By the way, the uplines are very weak. They sleep with each other, such as Marty and Tashina Arnold in the past. This is why they have beef.

Oooh and Tupac D.

and Kamilla Collier-Mullin are definitely involved. As much as they talk positively most of these PSVP have a negative lifestyle which they hide.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Wow... Comments are very distasteful.

Sorry your experience wasn't the best, but I love the company. I think you may have gotten caught up in the drama and not focused on building your biz.

Good luck to you in the future. Hope you find the right fit.

to Anonymous #1081104

They are going down !! Anything largely marketed to blacks , I stay away from !

to Anonymous #1095610

I don't blame you Anonymous! Stay away from anything and everything that marketed to blacks! So glad God is not like that!

to Anonymous #1107769

Absolutely! Nailed it on the head. Marketed by them means it's always "off" and shady and low class trying to appear "high class".

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