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5linx is an opportunity for the individual that know the 40 plan is not their answer. It is amazing that individuals put up with 2% cost of living raises, rush hour traffic, unpleasant co-worker, rude unresponsive bosses, only to retire after 40, with 40% of the salary that wasn't enough at 100% of working 40 hours a week.

Open a business for themselves and quit after a few months. You deserve to be a worker because a leader looks for solutions. Your complaint are just another part of your life you will have to reflect upon as time goes on.

You made the right choose, stay where the real decisions are made for you, because given the opportunity to lead your life, you will find a problem with that scenario. There are more than 15,000.000.000 people that have partnered with companies just like 5linx that make a wonderful living, you're just not one of them with your complaints.

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Wow twice as many people thao on. Earth

Ashburn, Virginia, United States #801326

They said companies like 5linx, not 5 Linz alone. That could be believe able with all the work from home or network marketing businesses. Think about it!!

Rochester, New York, United States #709213

15 billion people?

to Anonymous Brecksville, Ohio, United States #782050

:grin Yea I caught that

to OHMALIK #947378

No! Its only 15,000 with two sets of 3 decimal places. :D

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