Wasn't this black marketed company number one in Rochester New York? Didn't this black marketed company produce millionaires?

and did not the co founders, who are white in this back marketed company just elect the first ever African American CEO in the history of Network Marketing? Sounds Like Someone has some racial issues. So people have to see successful, educated, wealthy black folks.. History has shown our worth and accomplishments that were stolen and hidden behind white faces.

(No disrespect.) Now we will watch a black man take this Million Dollar Company to a Billion Dollar company. Not alone, but as a collective team... I am Black!

I am White! And I Am 5Linx!

Reason of review: Awesome Company.

I liked: Meeting wonderful reps and new people, Energy at the national conventions, Selection of the best cities to host national conventions, User friendly website, 5linx university.

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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1259716

...and what does this relate to?


I am not even sure what that was all about...

Balch Springs, Texas, United States #1219667

You get a standing ovation from me!

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