September 27, 2009

5Linx Enterprises, Inc.

Craig Jerabeck, President

275 Kenneth Drive

Suite 100

Rochester, NY 14623

Dear, Shirley Fortson, Jeb Tyler, Craig Jerabeck

My name is Tracy Mack. May I call your attention to a matter that is with great urgency?

"In December, 2000, three visionaries, Jeb Tyler, Craig Jerabeck, and Jason Guck founded 5LINX® Enterprises, Inc., Headquartered in Rochester, New York. With over 40 years of combined experience in the telecommunications and direct sales industries, they built 5LINX based on the PRINCIPLES of VISION, INTEGRITY, OPPORTUNITY FREEDOM, and SUCCESS. Their mission: to create a company where the representatives come first."

On November 15, 2008, I wrote a check in the amount of $337.00 to Shirley Fortson (Executive Director), for a video phone, in December Mrs. Fortson called me and requested that I had to pay for the phone bill, I replied "when will I get my phone" and her reply was "I will put it in the mail to you today." Some time went by however, I kept in touch with Mrs. Fortson via phone calls. During these conversations, she always ensured me that everything was okay and that she had forgotten to put my phone in the mail.

On February 13, 2009 I called Mrs. Fortson at (773) 651-7063; (773) 205-4738 and (773) 410-9897 still requesting for my phone, and why am I paying $70.06 a month for her bill? At this time, she did not answer any of my calls, so I called 5Linx and they said I was paying for two phone lines. I asked them to cancel the account and they replied that Mrs. Fortson had to call and make this request because the bill was in her name and therefore, I continued to pay her month bill, unwillingly.

Next, I called Mrs. Fortson asking her about this matter and she answered by telling me that she is out of town. She requested that I text the amount owed by her and my address and that she would put a check in the mail that day. Meanwhile, Mrs. Fortson promised to call 5Linx and resolve this matter by cancelling this account. Well, that day never came. I did as Mrs. Fortson asked me too and still no reply from her. Thereafter, I called her on several occasions and Mrs. Fortson still did not return any of my calls.

At this point, I have grown tired of her so, I called Mrs. Fortson's son by the name of Marshall Fortson (Senior Vice President of the Millionaires Club) at (615) 394-7393. He answered and replied that they were at a 5Linx convention in Texas. At that point, I became disguised with Mrs. Fortson, so I began to think how can you owe me and travelling throughout the U.S. and what kind of EXECTIVE DIRECTOR is Mrs. Fortson? Marshall tells me he will have her to call me within 24hrs. One week passed and she still did not call. Then, I called my bank and stopped all payments to 5Linx which resulted in additional fees out of my banking account.

Today, I am still out of the following by signing up with 5Linx:

1. $337.00 for a Video phone I do not receive

2. Six payments of $70.06 + 41.22 = $461.58 of payments for a phone service that I do not use because Mrs. Fortson had this phone in her possession.

Grand Total is $798.58

Now, I am asking for you to help resolve this matter immediately. I believe that I have been extremely patience with neglect from one of your Executive Directors. Therefore, I am requesting to be paid in full before October 20, 2009. If not, I will be pursuing legal matters against 5Linx Enterprises, Incorporated.

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In businesses where you can buy products online or over the phone you should never exchange money with a representative. You should have been ordering the phone yourself on her website or something not giving her the money to order and deliver the phone to you.


Call the BBB. I have read several complaints and they all have been resolved.

They will help you explain the matter to 5linx.

Sorry that has happened to you. There are so many dishonest people in the world, and only a few honest ones.

Good luck. ltaylorwwapp@yahoo.com


You should contact the district attorney in your area

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