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I ordered a cell phone on the Sprint Network through 5Linx and the phone was suppose to arrive within 3-5 days. 3-5 days go by and I never rec'd the phone.

I was thinking well maybe it was backordered so I'll just wait till it comes. The next week I wait and check my mail everyday, but no phone. Friday rolls around and I'm headed out of town with my old pixi phone b/c the phone that I ordered through 5Linx never arrived. I get out of town and I can't make any call...perhaps the network is down or I'm in a bad area...?

NOPE, 5Linx deactivated by old phone and activated the new phone ... That I never received. I realize this once I get back in town and call Sprint (mind you, I am out of town with no service)! I call 5Linx and let them know I still havn't recieved my phone so they sent a replacement.

I get that 2 days later begin using and notice the battery doesn't hold a charge. It will say 100% one minute and within the hour it says connect to your charger.

I call 5 Linx and they now say they can't do anything about it because it past the period of 27 days, even though I've only had the phone for 13 days. I will not recomment purchasing anything through 5LInx

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Louisville, Kentucky, United States #601254

I am a 5Linx rep and have ordered all my wireless phones, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile, through 5Linx Mobile without problems. The phones came to me quickly and I was able to activate them without a hitch.

They use a third-party service which also services Amway, another trusted service. All customer service with mobile is handled through that company also. Also, after the 30 days, one can take their phone to the service provider for replacement. The only gripe I had was not getting the phone replacement plan from my service provider a couple times.

But, Sprint replaced my phones anyway.

I did have the replacement plan from 5Linx Mobile, but never used it. In fact, I am about to upgrade my T-Mobile phone using %Linx Mobile; it is less expensive than doing it through T-Mobile direct.


That is ridiculous. Turn off the customer's old phone before they receive the new one. What kind of company does this?

to Cheri #730403

Sprint does this. I used to work at RadioShack and that's the company's policy not 5linx.




Sound like you ordered your phone on a fri or sat. After 2.

Which means business hours was close for shipping. If you would have overnight the phone it would have came within 3-5 days but by you ordering in late and on the weekend, they had to ship out the overnight phones first before the regular 3-5 day orders.

The instant they shipped your new phone they turned the old one off. Sorry I'm still considering the service

to Jeff Charleston, South Carolina, United States #660129

Jeff what do you think about the company so far. I'm considering joining and I really would like some feedback because I want to make the right decision about this business and so I need as much information as I can get before joining.

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