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No one likes to be approached by a friend or family member to buy a product they are selling, or to feel pressured into joining your "new multi-level business" . Most people know the drill, and would probably rather donate money to you directly to get you off their backs. Pressuring friends and relatives to buy products and join this multi-level program will cause them to avoid you or stop... Read more

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Perfect scam thru automatic debit/credit card deduction. The worst your Bank cannot block the transaction even if you want them to stop paying 5LINX Add comment

It's 2016 people, look before you leap. The ROI is lousy, it doesn't add up, you are working for pennies. Do the math. If you want a bit of home business, consider Mary Kay or Avon, companies with a proven track record, and easy math... Also - from the sales pitch it appears you can only make money if you get each and everyone of your family members to buy from you and also JOIN. Not one... Read more

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I was pitched a line of Bible BS from Jason Lee. Never met his wife but he is a piece of work. Stay away from him! I met him in Vegas during a conference for another marketing scam and he tried to hook up with me as a "bonus" to sign up with his 12th scam! He reached out and seriously offered "a good time" in private to show how serious he is if I go with 5Linx. If you can get past the severe... Read more

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We are friends with Lees only on Facebook. We no longer are real friends with them. They are *** artists and if you look at the Williamson County Records Search, Jason Lee was sued and his wife Emily Gladden is being sued by Bank of America. They are broke and poor and we were friends with Emily first. Her husband left her and she won't woke. We hear the lies and scams straight from their... Read more

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5linx is going down. It's now Nov. 2015 and so much has happened since I've been a part of this business. I've finally come to terms that I am through with them. The top leaders are all at an advantage. The idea is the people who are starting "their business" in the company are the customers. Please note: The customers aren't just the ones outside the company, but you as the business partner is... Read more

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I attended one of 5Linx's information sessions and signed up. The opportunity was presented as being pretty lucrative. Upon signing up and paying, I sold two services for them under the code I was provided which was Protect America which is a home alarm service and Direct TV cable service and just because I would not continue to pay for their website, my account was deactivated and I never... Read more

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Please help us. My ex father in law has made personal falsified information has lied on your website. I called a private investigator and he asked me to have you guys take this down. He is very personal and has nothing to do with the company. Please contact us at 512-924-7978. This is wrote he wrote and he has nothing to do with our company. He has done this before with youtube and he got... Read more

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We know 2 people involved as they tried to sell us their pitch! We are no longer friends now. But Jason and Emily Lee are *** artists! They use God and their opening line! Both are being sued and have never had a real job. These types of people go from Ponzi scheme to another. DON'T sign up! Read more

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They're very crooks. The reps doesn't tell the truth. They takes $50.00 from your account every month Read more

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