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  • Customers like
    • Meeting wonderful reps and new people 2
    • Selection of the best cities to host national conventions 2
    • User friendly website 2
  • Customers don't like
    • Deceptive and misleading 2
    • Point-system 1
    • Ponzi scheme 1

Wasn't this black marketed company number one in Rochester New York? Didn't this black marketed company produce millionaires? and did not the co founders, who are white in this back marketed company just elect the first ever African American CEO in the history of Network Marketing? Sounds Like Someone has some racial issues. So people have to see successful, educated, wealthy black folks.. History has shown our worth and accomplishments that... Read more

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Since you worked in direct marketing so you know that your target is not to get your friends and family. It's the staingers you aim for and that's something never runs out. And about the product and customer care,i once worked for Verizon and to be honest they suck at priceing and customer care but that doesn't mean I'm not going to sell Verizon or that's a scam. In order to do business you have to have that kind of mentality orelse it's better... Read more

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My neighbor introduced me to this so called "life changing opportunity" and I ended up investing more money into buying their products and getting ZERO back. They make all sought of fake promises and make it seems like they are the sure way of making life easier for you. The look at your present situation and takes advantage of you. I regret giving in to all their sweet nothing but lies. If you planning of joining this network... Read more

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U approve company because ur a part of the scam. If a company doesn't give u full disclosure it's fraud involved. N I'm sure u quit ur job n are currently looking for another because sales always boom in the beginning when u have signed up and/or targeted all ur friends n family but once they've all been signed n see this company n service is bad, U Will lose them. No one likes to be cheated or taken advantage of. If it's such a good company why... Read more

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  • Apr 03
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I would not recommend anyone to buy this tablet it is a piece of junk. It's always going down. This is a rip off tablet. DO NOT BUY IT!!¡!! Add comment

I went to the back office and found earthlink , put in my zip code and saw not enough information but there was a telephone for more infor. So I called and explain that I was with 5linx and I wanted to get points but the young lady didn't know anything about 5linx but she said there was a code. Before I sign up I call 5linx and got a rep., so I explain what earthlink customer told me. 5linx rep. said that once I got earthlink install call... Read more

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The facts are 97% fail in network market period... not just 5linx but in any business venture..people are looking for a company to make them sucessful and that is not how the industry works. To be successful the individual needs to have strong reasons for doing the business written down or printed.. and have their top 3 reason on them at all time that is why so many quit in less than six months no reason but to make money real fast.. You need to... Read more

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How and why are these people joining without knowing ALL the facts??? I just don't get it ... are they not watching the 5LINX Videos, going to the PBR's or Information Sessions to ask questions before they jump in and then jump down 5LINX throat when something happens they are clueless about? Signed Perplexed BTW those friends or whomever signed ppl up need to be held accountable for not doing due diligence - the blame needs to go to them. I... Read more

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Yeah I know several people who are a part of this "5jinx" uh...I meant "5Linx" and have been for several years. And I am still waiting to see them "blow up" which was the term they used for "get rich". As a matter of fact they are still working their full time jobs, some have even picked up a part time job. I remember going to a meeting just for kicks and giggles and it was pathetic! I just sat and shook my head during the whole meeting, I think... Read more

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I was told that I was referred by a "Friend" to join this business. After joining and trying some of the products I realized that this is not a good opportunity for anyone who actually has a family to support and requires regular income. If you don't have the time to be at their Beck and Call continuously, travel to their ongoing meetings out of state and have a large list of people that you are willing to constantly annoy this is NOT for... Read more

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